3D Animator
Great Pyramid 3DA
Great Pyramid 3DA

is virtual 3D walk through The Great Pyramid in Giza - the oldest
and the last surviving momument of the original Seven Ancient wonders of the World.
We invite you to explore this ancient wonder by walking around, fly above and
enter inside and investigate the 3D interior in real time.
The Eye of Horus shows or hides the menu, buttons with symbols allow you to move
in various ways and see the pyramid from different perspectives and icons of
individual rooms serve as a navigation and help you with orientation in this
magnificent structure.
For funs of engineering and architecture we also offer sectional view of entire
building and its individual parts.
There are many theories about who, when, how and why created this monument,
we are not here to give you the answers, we just want to present you some facts
and above all to share the mysterious feeling of this place.
At the starting point you can learn some basic facts about The Great Pyramid,
greet a camel and the journey of discovery can begin ...
Beware of falling blocks :)

***enjoy big virtual adventure and fun learning experience***