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Great Pyramid VR
Great Pyramid VR

is a virtual 3D walk through The Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt - the oldest and the last surviving monument of the original 7 Ancient wonders of the World.
3DA invites you to explore and study the realistic reconstruction of this magnificient structure, you can see the pyramid from different perspectives and investigate the 3D interior in real time.
There are many theories about who, when, how and why created this monument, I`m not here to give you the answers, I just want to present you some basic facts and above all to share with you the mysterious feeling of this place.
I hope you will enjoy this virtual adventure and immersive learning experience.
With my educational applications I want to show the benefits of VR technology in studying and preserving cultural heritage and I hope with your support I can share this idea around the world.

Notice: Requires a virtual reality HTC Vive headset

1. Exploration of Exterior and Interior of the Great Pyramid
2. Voiceover of the Great Pyramid Story
3. Labels
4. Aim Ground Teleport
5. Direct Teleport to Chambers or Passages
6. Free Step, Direction of View
7. Mini 3D Map
8. Layers Toggle
9. Head Light
10. Torch FX Toggle
11. Forced Passages Toggle
12. Audio Toggle
13. Help Toggle
14. Zoom Mini Map
15. Cutaway
16. Four Music Tracks
17. Precise 3D Model in Scale

Chambers and Passages:
1. Original Entrance
2. Mamun's Tunnel
3. Plug Blocks
4. Ascending Passage
5. Grand Gallery
6. Ante Chamber
7. King's Chamber
8. Sarcophagus
9. Horizontal Passage
10. Queen's Chamber
11. Well Shaft
12. Grotto
13. Air Shafts
14. Descending Passage
15. Subterranean Chamber
16. Southern Passage
17. Pit
18. Top of Pyramid

Relieving Chambers:
1. Campbell's Chamber
2. Lady Arbuthnots's Chamber
3. Nelson's Chamber
4. Wellington's Chamber
5. Davison's Chamber