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We open the another virtual window to the past for you! Join us now on the trip about the history of big polar explorers and scientists.

Expedition of airship Italia under the command of Umberto Nobile left its base in Milan on 15 April 1928. Destination was the North Pole. The pioneer aviators sucessfuly reached their goal. But luck was not on their side and on the way back to Kings Bay, Svalbard, the Italia was damaged in a storm and plunged onto the pack ice. Some among the crew of 16 survived, others died in the accident or in the weeks thereafter...

The incredible tale of one of the greatest artic expedition disasters and international rescue missions in history, captured in 3D scenes which serves as an illustration and enhance the reading comprehension of 87 years old story. Meet the history using the technology of the future, enjoy the sceneries of remote and unexplored areas, explore the 3D models of flying or floating machines, educate yourself through play.

Solo project of Czech Indie developer - huge enthusiast of science and technology and since childhood big admirer of all the grand projects of humanity - who tries via most up-to-date technologies visualize and bring back to life even long disappeared realities.

Thanks for all your comments and responses, we really appreciate your time, your opinion and your support.


This is not a game!!!




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