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Space Race 3DA
Welcome to Space Race Game !!!

Become a pilot of the X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle and capture all the planets of the solar system, complete the missions and clear all dangerous asteroids.
During the game you meet your space favorites such as Curiosity rover, recently landed on Mars, Hubble Space Telescope or first dog in space Laika.
All that you have to master in the shortest time and then you can just enjoy a free flight through the universe and educate yourself.
To become a winner - accelerate smoothly, follow orbits of planets, with the help of Plasma gun clear all the asteroids standing in your way and use Hubble Space Telescope for better orientation. I recommend you to avoid collisions with celestial bodies and cosmic objects :)
This project will be continued and you can look forward to more options.

Have fun and enjoy racing!

Space Race includes:

Gyro Controls, Calibrateable Gyro for best Playing Position /lying down, sitting or standing/
Asteroid Shooting, Smooth Speed Setup,Time Based game, Missions, Star Map, Orbits of Planets
3D model of Solar System, NASA x-37 Spacecraft, Hubble Space Telescope, Curiosity Mars Rover,
Voyager 1 Space Probe, Sputnik 2 with Dog Laika