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Surya -
The Himalayan
Solar School
Surya -The Himalayan Solar School

This free application is introducing a unique Czech project Solar School in Kargyak, its author Jan Tilinger and Surya Civic Association. The app presents the photo gallery of the amazing place where the extraordinary project was realized.

The Solar School project aims to provide the combination of locally traditional and European education for children in the remote village of Kargyak that is situated 4200m above sea level in the Indian Himalayas. Kargyak is one of the highest inhabited places in the world and it is one of the last places in the world where the original Tibetan culture still survives. In September 2008 the Surya Civic Association finished the construction of a uniquely designed, sustainable, low-energy school building with the use of local materials only. At present, the school is running successfully, even in winter when the conditions are particularly tough and when the temperatures drop down to –40C.
Thus, the Solar School in Kargyak is the only school in the region that offers education all year round. The school is used not only for education of children, but it also offers basic education for adults.

The Surya Civic Association financed the whole design and construction of the school only with the financial aid of private and corporate donors. Nowadays the donations helps Surya run and manage the school. You can support the Solar School project by sending your donation to the Surya Civic Association account, you can sponsor a child in Kargyak school or buy a photo. You can also join us and become a volunteer teacher.

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